Women’s Program

The techniques and training prepare women to defend themselves against a larger opponent. Drilling and repetition are a core part of the training curriculum, to help build automatic responses to common types of aggression. And having a positive, safe environment is key to supporting regular and consistent training. One amazing added benefit? The GB GTX classes are an awesome way to improve overall health and fitness levels.

The longer students train, the greater their strength, conditioning, confidence, and mental focus. We also hold several, Women’s Only Self Defense Seminars yearly, that always have huge participation. These Seminars are attended by many of our current members and many non-members from our community. The classes are always taught by our most experienced black belt Instructors and supported by many GB GTX coaches to give students the focus they need.

Perhaps the best part of the Women’s Program is the level of energy the students bring to the school! The friendship in the Program is really something special. These ladies become friends on AND off the mats! Get togethers, social activities, class pictures…it’s pretty much happening all the time! Something you’ve got to experience. So contact us or just come on by and try a FREE Intro Class!!